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A boutique financial services firm that’s provided over $3.5 billion in financing over our three decades in business.


Sentry Financial is a diversified financial services firm based in Salt Lake City, Utah, with over 30 years of history and more than $3.2 billion in transactions to date. We provide capital and related services to—and sometimes operate—businesses worldwide that are sustainable, have high growth potential, and positively impact our world. Many members of our team have educational and professional backgrounds as JDs, MBAs, and CPAs who analyze and design transaction structures to meet the exacting requirements of our customers and partners.


Our strategy is guided by mutuality and rigorous due diligence—we strive for win-win arrangements that make good business sense. In most collaborations, Sentry will seed business ventures with our own capital, then tap into our consortium of funding partners (which includes both institutional and non-institutional sources) to satisfy the balance of capital requirements. We remain active partners throughout the life of the deal, offering strategic guidance, management assistance, and even some administrative functions.

Sentry operates in many business verticals across our four divisions: Equipment Financing, Real Estate, Media & Entertainment, and Pantry & Dining.

Sentry operates in many business verticals across our four divisions: Equipment Financing, Real Estate, Media & Entertainment, and Pantry & Dining.


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Equipment Financing

Facilitating Business Expansion

At Sentry Equipment Financing, we are committed to building long term, win-win relationships that enable our partners to build stronger businesses through creative financing solutions.


Real Estate

Building Sustainable Communities

In Sentry Real Estate, we’re committed to principles that build long-lasting residential communities, like socioeconomic integration, eco-friendly features, and holistic design influenced by New Urbanist principles.


Pantry & Dining

Affording Healthy Food

In Sentry Pantry & Dining, our vision is to be a premier value-add investor in the healthy fast casual restaurant market and, on an opportunistic basis, in the healthy food manufacturing market; our mission is to make investments in small and early stage healthy food companies and to facilitate their growth by providing services and capital.

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Sentry International

Global Business

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Sentry Financial was founded on June 17, 1986, by two young lawyers who had decided to transition from the practice of law to the business world: Jonathan Ruga and Scott Young. Without office space of their own, Jonathan and Scott relied on the generosity of their friends and mentors, Sudhir Amembal and Terry Isom...


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