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Deploying conscious capital to accelerate growth

In Sentry Private Equity, our vision is to be a premier value-add investor in a range of opportunities offering synergy to our existing investments or to our real estate and equipment finance divisions. Generally our investment philosophy favors investments in healthier living, climate change and advances in societal goals.


Sentry prefers to take an active role in the investments it makes. Typically this will involve Board participation and taking an active and supportive role in key projects where Sentry’s experience and expertise can be of significant assistance.

Sentry’s portfolio comprises a range of investment sizes from participation in Seed and follow-on rounds to significant minority partnership investments alongside a small number of institutional and founder equity positions. These investments range from between $50,000 to $5million.

— OUR portfolio

Pulp Lifestyle Kitchen Logo

Pulp Lifestyle Kitchen

Established in 2015, PulpLifestyle Kitchen is a healthy fast-casual restaurant with three locations: Downtown Salt Lake City (49 East Gallivan Avenue); near Liberty Park (439 East 900 South); and near the Rio Tinto Soccer Stadium (9645 South State).

Better Body Foods Logo

Better Body Foods

Better Body Foods, founded by Steve Richards, is a health food manufacturing company with multiple lines of packaged goods sold in retailers across the world.

Dwelo logo


Dwelo’s mission is to become the leading smart apartment company. Apartments represent an exciting opportunity for home automation and the adoption of smart home technology.

Cascadiant logo


Cascadiant is a provider of back-up power to mission critical applications using methanol and solar fuel cell technology. Cascadiant is the leading provider of back-up power for cell phone towers to Telkomsel, which is Indonesia’s largest cell phone operator.

Playful Studios logo

Playful Studios

Playful’s mission is to set the standard for a diverse, sustainable, world class entertainment organization that has a lasting impact on community, players and the gaming industry generally. Playful studios utilizes market leading virtual reality technology as the platform for its portfolio of games.

STRT logo


STRT builds entrepreneurial communities by combining living and working spaces under one roof to form an ecosystem that accelerates the development and success of startup companies.

Vavani Productions logo

Vavani Productions

Vavani is a wholly owned subsidiary of Sentry. Vavani was founded by Jared Ruga in 2016. Initially Vavani focused on producing documentaries and in 2019 won a day time Emmy for “Quiet Heroes”. More recently Vavani has focused on writing content in the form of scripts for TV production.


Photo of Andrew Bebbington

Andrew Bebbington

Executive VP

Photo of Jonathan M. Ruga

Jonathan M. Ruga

Chief Executive Officer

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